Taking a personal approach, our Friesian foals are imprinted from birth, and ground trained to develop confidence and excellence towards solid, dependable working abilities.  Directing their playful, inquisitive energy into basic ground exercises, we focus on activities that are applicable to safe handling for day

to day care and management. 


             Since horses are born with the immediate ability to remember what they learn, we are able to expand our early training activities towards skills which could eventually be used in such things as competitive mountain trail, war horse challenge, and other fun filled equestrian venues that are available to supplement any potential showing career which might be pursued by today’s Friesian owner.       

Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?   Job 39:19

             At Fire Mountain Friesians, we appreciate being able to relax and enjoy the trails that wait for us on the hills out our back gate, and we presume that others would take pleasure in being able to do this with their Friesian, as well.  While most pureblood Friesians do present themselves with the sort of reliable and trustworthy personality that is conducive to comfortable and safe trail riding, people looking for their first Friesian must remember that these horses are warmbloods, and as such, some individuals can be found with hotter, more excitable dispositions.  For that reason, we make a point to search for FPS approved Friesian stallions that will give us the best success towards gentle, easy going traits. 



Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O earth; and break forth into singing, O mountains . . .

Isaiah 49:13

Marilyn Pineda with

Gemma Viva de la Honor Bright

And her 2007 filly, 

xKatura of Fire Mountain Friesians

Our goal at Fire Mountain Friesians is to provide each of our foals with a foundation that will maximize the amount of pleasure it will bring to their new owner as it leaves our farm for its own career as a wonderful Friesian!

 Welcome to

Fire Mountain Friesians

Barbara Wheeler Photography

Above: Gemma Viva de la Honor Bright (Wicher334 x Jurjen303)

with her 2007 foal, xKaturah of Fire Mountain Friesians (out of Anne340)

Above: Marilyn, grandson Levi, and xKaturah

Above: xKaturah of Fire Mountain Friesians. We find in the Bible that after the death of Sarah, Abraham took on a young woman for the sake of care and companionship in his old age.  Her name was Keturah, and she served as his third wife, if you also count Haggar.

                 Keturah bore Abraham six sons, all of whom became the progenitors of six Arabian tribes of Southern and Eastern Palestine.  Hence, in addition to Isaac, born by Sarah, and Ishmael, born by Haggar, the sons that Keturah brought into the world certainly made a notable contribution for making Abraham “the father of many nations!”

                 The accounting of this interesting piece of history can be found in Genesis 25:1,2

and in 1Chronicles 1:32,33.

The pride of practical Friesians for the enjoyment of everyday people!

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             Fire Mountain Friesians is a small farm located on the foothills of the North Cascades near Sedro-Woolley, Washington, breeding for FPS Dutch registered Friesians that are just as friendly, healthy, and sound as they are beautiful. 

We are uniquely situated adjacent to natural woodlands, including creeks, hills and gullies laced by old logging roads and paths long established by deer and elk.   We capitalize on the features of our geographical surroundings to develop bold, yet practical training environments for our horses that are applicable to trail and other recreational uses that compliment traditional “arena type” showing venues.

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