Bella Luna, half sister to Gemma Viva by the same sire, is a 3/4 Friesian mare, or Friesian Derivative, and is registered with IFSHA .  Bella, along with her rider, Nancy Riffle, have competed in many Class A and Regional competitions in Washington, Oregon and Canada. 

She has won many awards, most notably USEF Horse of the Year Champion Friesian Derivative English 2005 and Western Pleasure 2005, 2006 and 2007. 

In addition to the Pas de Deux with Marilyn and Gemma at Horse Around Days in 2007, Bella showed off her spirited self in some very beautiful Medieval attire.

Then in 2008 they created an impressive entrance to their solo selection sporting an authentic Colonial ensemble.

Marilyn and Gemma have developed a great working relationship with a couple of other Friesian enthusiasts, and have found a niche in opportunities to help promote the Friesian breed, and educate people about IFSHA (International Friesian Show Horse Association.)


Christina is a student at Mount Vernon High School, as well as Skagit Valley College, through Running Start.

We met Christina several years ago as we were looking for someone to handle Gemma through the keuring process, which required managing her in hand with as much speed as reasonably possible in order to show off her splendid trot.  Given that Christina was an avid competitor in

Nancy Riffle and Bella Luna

Christina LaBore

Moonfire Friesian Riders !

Joins with

cross country running, along with the fact that she had several years of equine experience to her favor, she was perfect for the job!

Christina developed a serious liking to Gemma, and became one of our key riding partners as we began to prepare for the Horse Around Days Breed Expo held in July of 2007.

She performed a beautiful musical freestyle routine at that event, and was also invited to participate with Gemma in the Warhorse Challenge demonstration. She was hooked with the excitement and thrill of the games from that opportunity and has been practicing on Gemma with her bow.  She was able to pick up a few more mounted archery opportunities along the way in 2008, and is looking forward to future Warhorse Challenge adventures in 2009! 

For 2008’s event at Celebrate the Horse, Christina and Gemma performed a dramatic, exhilarating musical freestyle routine during the Friesian Breed Demonstration that left a smile on everyone’s face !
































































Douglas Herring

Celebrate The Horse 2008

Warhorse Challenge    May,2008

In July of 2007 Marilyn and Gemma, along with their friend Christina, joined up with Nancy Riffle and her mare Bella Luna to represent the Friesian breed in Horse Around Days, which was a fundraiser breed expo.  It was held at the

Skagit County Fairgrounds to benefit Skagit County Services for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims.

They performed again in 2008 at Celebrate the Horse in Puyallup, WA., which was a fundraiser breed expo for People Helping Horses.


























































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